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Why Us? We're Building and Connecting Communities through Native Tree Recovery and Rediscovery. 

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CUFA a division of CITYGREEN is not your typical tree advocacy group or tree planting and service provider. Our mission is much broader and more profound than that. First, we understand the impact of environmental factors, community engagement, protecting the ecosystem, and the utter importance of increasing transplanted trees survival rate. With thousands of trees dying annual and even more engulfed or under attack by invasive species, the need to act is now. We can not replace the broad benefits of a thirty inch diameter black walnut tree with a three inch diameter replacement. Second, we believe trees are far more meaningful than canopy coverage, storm water management, or erosion control. Trees also have the remarkable ability to produce food and medicinal properties for humans adding in reducing or preventing some of the most common diseases. We know all property owners and community members want healthy trees in their communities and that starts with basic knowledge such as knowing the age, species, benefits, potential pest, and value. In all this greatly improves a community's viability. So, CUFA is about education first. Educating the property owner and the local community. CUFA consist of a team of community activist, youth advocates, arborist, foresters, water conservationist, outdoor enthusiast, and other professionals focused on building and maintaining communities through environmental education with emphasis on native tree reforestation and protection, pollution prevention, wildlife awareness, sustainable landscape development, neighborhood economic empowerment, and stewardship of community and urban forestry.

 To accomplish this task CUFA has chosen to educate and empower teens and young adults to become the next generation of ecologist, entomologist, environmental engineers and scientist, plant pathologist, and policy makers. For many of us the recovery and re-discovery of native plants are about survival. For centuries native plants have played a key role in the health and wealth of communities across the country and could once again provide those benefits that could only come from nature. With the effects of the pandemic still around, many teens and trees in clear and present danger, now is an opportune time for communities to learn more about the place and powers of native plants and why it's critical that we plant, protect, and place a ring of safety around our teens and trees. 

So, whether you know a teen or tree in need of support or another chance at life, want to increase your native tree knowledge, use your yard to help reduce climate change, fight cancer and heart disease, or to reduce teen crime, drop-outs, pregnancy, and violence don't hesitate to contact us. CUFA would appreciate the opportunity to connect with them and you. CUFA believes through genuine care, concern, compassion, the exposure to an community-based environmental education, we can improve the welfare across many different landscapes, foster hope, improve community relations, increase volunteerism, and lay the foundation for more positive, progressive community images. Will you join us in co-creating community solutions that address teens and native trees shared struggles? We hope so, because the end goal is to create environments that spawns perpetual cycles of productive, professional, and proficient teens caring for native trees and each other.