Invasive Species Removal, Tree Planting, Pruning, Removal, and Soil Management


CUFA serves as a hub where student participation, societal need, and science meets. Our team of experts guided by your desires or vision will use their knowledge, expertise, and skills to ensure that your project whether big or small, native tree planting or invasive species removal is done professional and with purpose the first time.

Native Tree Planting

Ready to plant your native tree? Fall is the perfect time to plant because it allows trees to root properly before the next summer. 

Please contact us for native species selection, quantity, and complimentary site inspection. We perform a free soil analysis before planting any tree.

Tree Pruning & Removal

The most important time to prune a tree is in between the first 4 to 8 years of their life. We provide pruning of mature, specialty, and young trees. Proper pruning cuts are critical to a trees ability to heal and its overall health. More importantly, pruning properly improves structure and reduces the risk of branch or whole tree failure during high winds, snow and or ice storms. ***Price upon complimentary onsite assessment

Invasive Species Removal

Price upon complimentary onsite assessment.

English ivy Hedera helix

Hedera helix is an aggressive invader threatening all levels of forested and open areas, growing along the ground as well as into the forest canopy. Vines climb up tree trunks and envelop branches and twigs, blocking sunlight from the host tree’s foliage, impeding photosynthesis. An infested tree will exhibit decline for years before it dies. The weight of vines also makes branches trees susceptible to detach and trees blowing over in storms. This plant has been confirmed as a reservoir for bacterial leaf scorch (Xylella fastidiosa), which affects a wide variety of trees such as elms, oaks, and maples. 

Native Plants Availability

All of our native plants, seedlings and trees are grown from seed, sourced locally, sold bare root, and come with a 2-year guarantee. We can containerize with soil for shipping or delivery purposes. Contact us with species and quantity desired for price and size availability.

See the links below for incentives and rebate for residential and commercial environmentally based property improvements. 

For Prince George's County property owners see: 

For Washington, D.C. property owners see:

Current Native Trees Available: 

Understory: Serviceberry, Flowering Dogwood, Southern Magnolia, Paw-Paw, Green & Washington Hawthorn

Canopy: Princeton Elm, Tulip Poplar, American Sweetgum, River Birch, American Sycamore, Loblolly Pine

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Precision pruning protects the root collar and health of the tree.

Improper pruning often leads to pest and pathogen access and heart rot.